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Sofia Fashion Week 2015 - новата дестинация на висшата модаSofia Fashion Week 2015 - новата дестинация на висшата мода

Any good fashion bloggers left?

Started by mileys1990, 15 ноември , 2019, 14:37:31

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15 ноември , 2019, 14:37:31 Last Edit: 16 ноември , 2019, 10:17:02 by mileys1990
Like most of us millennial gals, I love following fashion bloggers/Youtubers. However, recently I've noticed a surge in sponsored content among all of the bloggers I follow. I know it's now required to explicitly state when something has been sponsored, but it just casts this kind of shadiness over everything when it seems one out of two posts/videos is sponsored.

It used to just be the big names in blogging, but now it seems that once anyone gets more than a few hundred followers they start posting sponsored content.

I know it's how many bloggers make a living these days so I'm not opposed to all sponsored content, just not so much of it...you know?

Anyone follow any great 'up and coming' bloggers/Youtubers? Have friends with a great blog? Run a small blog yourself? I'd love to find some new blogs that I can get into without feeling like I'm constantly being sold something! 9apps app cartoon hd


I like YouLookFab because it's run by an actual stylist who has first hand experience with the items she talks about. There's no sponsored content, however it's also not your typical blogger/model format (not many outfit photos) and I think it's definitely targeted towards over 30 women. So not everyone's cup of tea. For example, this is a typical roundup from her. I think it's great for getting ideas and staying current with trends. She's just extremely knowledgeable as a longtime fashion pro. vlc.vin 9appsapk.vin vidmateapp.vin

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